Microsoft and Toyota Team Up for Cloud Based Vehicle Telematics System

The world’s largest automaker, Toyota (TM), and the world’s largest software company, Microsoft (MSFT), recently announced they are teaming up to bring a cloud computing telematics system to vehicles in the US. The goal of the new partnership is to complete a global cloud platform by 2015, combining groundbreaking technology with an affordable telematics system for Toyota drivers.

The new system isn’t an entertainment package, but rather a means of sending content and information to and from vehicles, computers and mobile devices. The new telematics-based system will give vehicles access to streaming music, telecommunications information, GPS system navigation and energy management. The idea is to connect vehicles to servers around the world, eliminating the need for a lot of hardware and software in the vehicle.

The effects of this increased digital connectivity on the road will be interesting to see. For example, the system will give drivers access to streaming music from companies such as Pandora, which is going to have a huge impact on  radio stations that rely heavily on advertising during prime traffic hours.

The new system could be released as soon as next year, as Toyota rolls out its new line of electric and plug-in hybrids like the new RAV4 EV or a plug-in version of its industry-leading Prius.

Source: Wired Magazine.

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