Make 2011 Fleet Management Projections Based on Actual Data with Free 30 Day Fleet Tracking Trends Demo


Ever wondered if a GPS fleet management system would save you money?

Well now you can easily find out for free and with no obligation. FieldLogix was designed to help you identify where and how you can make fleets operations leaner and greener. FieldLogix offers a free 30 day demo of its fleet tracking system.

The free demo helps fleet managers to see potential cost savings based on actual fleet tracking data. The Trends Feature helps fleet managers to visualize their fleets idle, speeding, and mileage trends, and assists them to make actionable business decisions.

It allows users to drill down and views historical trending graphs of three key metrics.

1.)  Idle Time – The total amount of idling hours for the asset, group, or all, during the specified time range.

2.) Speeding Occurrences – The total number of times the asset, group, or all, traveled in excessive of 65MPH during the specified time range.

3.) Total Mileage – The total miles traveled for the asset, group, or all, during the specified time period.

The FieldLogix GPS fleet tracking device can be shipped to you at no cost and can be installed in one of your vehicles for up to 30 days. You will get to see exactly how the system works and what it is capable of for free. You may be surprised at how much money you could be saving with just a few tweaks in your standard operating procedures.

With FieldLogix+Nav you can send your jobs to a Garmin® GPS navigation device and route your drivers from their current location to each new job. The new Garmin interface also provides you status information on your dispatched jobs and work completed. FieldLogix is the best Garmin integrated fleet tracking system on the market.

FieldLogix+Nav Key Benefits

  • Streamline Dispatching by sending new stops and messages directly to an in-vehicle Garmin navigation device.
  • Improve Routing by setting up daily routes and sending them directly to the drivers’ navigation units.
  • Improve Stop Scheduling by specifying the sequence for the driver’s stops.
  • Flexibility for changes allowing you to shuffle, add, or delete stops at anytime during the day.
  • Know Driver Status by monitoring driver status as they travel to and from their jobs.
  • Two-Way Communications with text messaging.
  • Improve Customer Service by ensuring that drivers are arriving to their jobs promptly.
  • Use Eco-Route to provide drivers with a tool to monitor their fuel consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Increase driver buy-in by making their lives and jobs easier!

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