Jaguar Buys Dentist’s Entire Private Fleet








Jaguar Land Rover has purchased a private fleet of 543 cars worth an estimated $167 million.

Dr. James Hull’s collection has cars from every decade starting in 1930 and includes Winston Churchill’s Austin, Elton John’s Bentley, and Lord Mountbatten’s Mini Traveller.  In May, Hull put his collection on the market for $167 million. Jaguar refuses to disclose how much it paid for the collection, but managing director of Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations, John Edwards, said of the recent purchase: “We share the same objective as James to keep this unique collection in British hands and we are delighted this agreement secures their custody for the future.”

Hull, who sold his collection because of health issues and was more focused on finding a good owner rather than getting a good price, also seems satisfied with his collection’s new home, stating, “I have got to know Jaguar Land Rover well in recent years and they have borrowed cars from the collection for events such as the Mille Miglia and supporting Jaguar in China. They are the perfect custodians to take the collection forward and I know it is in safe hands.”


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