Field Technologies Deploys 189% More GPS Tracking Units in 2004

San Diego, CA – January 15, 2005 – Field Technologies, a leading provider of GPS vehicle and asset tracking solutions, has announced that it has increased the number of GPS tracking units deployed throughout the US by 189% from 2003 to 2004.

As part of its national growth strategy, Field Technologies has gained a significant number of new customers throughout the United States. By providing industry-leading products and superior customer support, the company has been able to establish a strong reputation in the GPS industry.

“We have been careful to ensure that we establish solid marketing and support processes throughout the US. Unlike many GPS vendors who typically provide minimal to no customer support, our heavy emphasis on support has enabled us to grow dramatically. We are confident that we can deploy our systems anywhere throughout the US and provide superior post-sales support anywhere our customers are located.”

About Field Technologies: Field Technologies provides GPS vehicle and equipment tracking systems to companies throughout the United States. The company provides systems that operate with technology developed by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Motorola, T-Mobile and Cingular. Due to its industry-leading sales consultation and customer support, Field Technologies has grown significantly and now has GPS tracking devices installed in hundreds of vehicles nationwide.

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