Immediate Impact of New CSA Regulations on Trucking Industry

Many changes are coming this year for the fleet management and trucking industry. CSA Regulations have already caused a great deal of  uncertainty and fear for many fleet operators, but do not fret. Based on our research, the actual impact is expected to be less than the potential and most feared impact. New fleet management legislation is always daunting, but the doom-and-gloom scenarios you may have been hearing are really not worth losing sleep over.

In the short term, until it becomes clear what the roadside inspectors are going to do differently, how the scoring systems are going to work, and what the auditors will do if and when they visit – there’s definitely going to be some confusion . This uncertainty puts fleet operators on edge and can make it more difficult to make your next business decision. Because of CSA companies may start to freeze their processes, to pull back from expansion plans, or to delay on hiring new truck drivers. If enough fleet operators take this cautious stance, in the short term, it will produce a real constraint on trucking capacity, which will in turn  increase the upward pressure on truck driver pay and freight rates.

Because of this, being overly cautious may not necessarily be the right position to take. This as a time where there are some opportunities for the fleet managers that are willing to be proactive. Companies that have been reasonably well-managed in the past will realize that it’s not that hard to comply with the new CSA regulations. While economic conditions may not indicate a lot of market opportunity for broad expansion plans, it may be possible to find ways to expand your business with your best customers. It may even be a good idea to look for opportunities to expand precisely in those areas where your competitors are showing reticence.

For companies who need to ensure they meet the new CSA Regulations, investing in a GPS fleet management system is a wise investment.  FieldLogix Fleet Management System gives fleet managers the ability to track and maintain electronic driver records. This critical information is stored in your fleet tracking system  gives you the added advantage you need to meet the tough CSA 2010 requirements set forth by the U.S. Government. With the built in maintenance module, you can track DOT information and Safety Inspections, all in one convenient location. Track any infraction your driver may have or your fleet may have within the system.

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