How Logistics Impacts the Environment

carbon dioxide logisticsOur friends at Applandeo recently published an article covering the environmental impact of logistics.  The article notes that logistics operations are expected to contribute up to 40% of the global carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 unless actions are taken to curb it.  They discuss how in-vehicle and logistics technologies could help to reduce CO2 emissions and describe how FieldLogix helps companies improve fleet sustainability.

Field Resource Management platforms such as FieldLogix are designed to help fleets reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making small improvements to driver behavior.  For example, the EPA found that one hour of engine idling consumes one gallon of fuel and releases 8,887 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere.  Our Sustainability Report displays the amount of fuel consumed while idling by each driver and ranks the best and worst performing drivers.  Many fleets use this report to facilitate internal competitions to improve driver behavior.  This results in significant reductions in idling and greenhouse gas emissions.

While technologies such as electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles may completely eliminate vehicle carbon dioxide emissions in the future, simple changes in driver behavior can significantly reduce CO2 emissions today.  FieldLogix is a pioneer in driver behavior management and is here to help fleets improve sustainability.

Read the full article by Applando here.

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