How Can a GPS Fleet Management System Help My Company?

Reduce Operating Costs. By monitoring activities like speeding or excessive idling you can not only save fuel, but reduce damage done to the engine, brakes and tires. An added bonus is you can also reduce vehicle green house gas emissions.

Reduce Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance Costs. The average operating cost per vehicle is about $1.50 per mile. A company can reduce at least 25 miles per week for each vehicle with a GPS fleet management system.

GPS vehicle tracking has proven to reduce fuel costs. The Aberdeen Group recently concluded that GPS vehicle tracking systems have helped companies reduce fuel costs by 13.2% on average.

Increase Efficiency – On average, each vehicle could complete at least one extra stop, job, or delivery per day by using a web based GPS fleet management system.

Reduce Insurance Rates by up to 35%. Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have real-time GPS systems.

Reduce Delays and Time Spent at Unauthorized Locations. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have for your employees to waste time and money sitting in traffic? With fleet tracking software you can not only track but easily establish a custom notification system for events like a driver going outside of a designated area. speeding or staying idle for too long.

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