Habitat For Humanity Uses GPS Fleet Tracking To Improve Customer Service

Habitat for Humanity Uses FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking System to Improve Customer Service and Reduce Fuel Costs

Habitat for Humanity Charlotte recently installed GPS fleet tracking systems in its entire fleet of vehicles. Since deploying a fleet GPS tracking system, Habitat for Humanity has reported an improvement in customer response times, the amount of job orders completed, and reduced fuel consumption.

Improved Customer Service

Now Habitat for Humanity dispatchers can keep a close eye on the exact location of every vehicle in its fleet in real-time. According to Habitat For Humanity manager, Jon Huffman, “We can make last minutes changes with just a few clicks. If drivers are running late, we can call ahead of time to let someone know. FieldLogix gives dispatchers the ability to assign jobs in a way that maximizes productivity and service, since vehicle stops are constantly being added or changed throughout the day.”

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Jon Huffman also added, “We have experienced significant savings in fuel expenses since installing FieldLogix. We are quite pleased with that. The initial improvements have been so good that we haven’t had time to see everything else the system can do for us!”

Eco-Friendly Driving

Huffman further stated, “FieldLogix is a Green company with an eco-friendly product. It was important for us to choose a company with same core values as Habitat for Humanity.”

Garmin fleet GPS dispatching

With FieldLogix+Nav you can send your jobs to a Garmin® GPS navigation device and route your drivers from their current locations to each new job. The Garmin interface also provides you with status information on your dispatched jobs and work completed.


FieldLogix+Nav Key Benefits

  • Streamline Dispatching by sending new stops and messages directly to in-vehicle Garmin navigation devices.
  • Improve Routing by setting up daily routes and sending them directly to the drivers’ navigation units.
  • Flexibility for changes allowing you to re-arrange, add, or delete stops at anytime during the day.
  • Get control by monitoring driver status as they travel to and from their jobs.
  • Two-Way Text Messaging reduces phone chatter and call hold times.
  • Improve Customer Service by ensuring that drivers are arriving to their jobs promptly.
  • Use Eco-Route to provide drivers with a tool to monitor their fuel consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Increase driver buy-in by making their lives and jobs easier!

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