No More Green Stickers or Funding for CA’s Fleet of Electric Vehicles

Californians love their electric vehicles, in part to the state’s incentives for anyone choosing to join the fleet of green vehicles.  A CA resident driving an electric vehicle can use the carpool lane without passengers and receive cash from the state when they purchase a new green vehicle.

However, funding for the cash incentive has run out. Although more funding is expected to be approved, it might not happen till fall. An estimated $30 million is needed to cover new rebate applications between now and the end of the state’s fiscal year, which is June 30.

Drivers who are now part of the growing EV fleet in CA will also have to wait for a green sticker. Only 40,000 were authorized, but a new bill recently introduced is seeking 45,000. White stickers, issued to zero-emission vehicles, are available in unlimited supply.



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