GPS Tracking System Used to Protect Baby Jesus Statues from Being Stolen

GPS tracking baby jesusReal-time GPS tracking systems are being installed in Nativity scene Baby Jesus statues across the US to protect them from being stolen.  In the past, dozens of churches across the US have reported vandalism and theft of items in their holiday displays, but this year people are fighting back.  This winter people are using GPS tracking to recover the stolen Bay Jesus dolls and bring the perpetrators to justice.  I’m not sure what kind of a person goes around stealing items from Nativity scenes, such as Baby Jesus dolls, but unfortunately it happens.

Baby Jesus dolls are no longer just the center of Nativity scenes. They are now being used to fight crime. Typically, the GPS tracking system is tiny and is placed inside the Baby Jesus statues. The tracking system can sense motion and an automatic alert will go out if the item is moved. A stolen baby Jesus can easily be tracked in real-time, even if it is in an underground parking garage or hidden away in some other obscure location.

The nativity scene manger, statues and decorations are a highly regarded items in most Christian societies. Plus they are quite expensive. A lot of people spend precious time and money creating elaborate, beautiful holiday displays. Thanks to the GPS tracking devices, the most valuable pieces like Jesus will be safe and secure.

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