GPS Tracking Reduces Employees’ Bad Habits

Although gas prices are expected to drop for 2013, fuel expenses will continue to have a major impact on business operating expenses. One of the best ways to cut fuel costs is with a GPS tracking system. 

BLS Trucking learned this after installing GPS tracking system into its 200 trucks a few years ago. By eliminating unauthorized use and unnecessary idling time, BLS Trucking saved $188,539 in fuel consumption during the first year alone, amounting to more than $900 in savings per vehicle.

The GPS tracking system helped end employees’ bad habits, such as taking vehicles home after work or working side jobs during the day. Curbing these behaviors helped reduce fuel costs because employees could no longer make personal trips on the company’s dime.

A green GPS tracking system sends instant alerts to the fleet manager whenever a truck is speeding, is driven into a restricted zone, or idles too long.

Additionally, when one of BLS Trucking’s fleet vehicles was stolen, the GPS tracking system helped track the vehicle’s movements. The truck was recovered within a day.

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