GPS Tracking – Putting The Money Back In Your Pocket

October 11, 2005 – San Diego, CA – When any company decides to invest money in a new technology one of the first questions they ask is, “are we going to see a return?” In more simple terms, “is this worth the money?” Without answering those questions it is easy to jump into an investment that will not pay off both in the short or long term.

Field Technologies, a provider of GPS asset management solutions, has been committed to answering that question for its customers since its inception. A Field Technologies representative states that “our systems have been able to help companies save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in reduced labor costs. We show our potential customers the benefits they will receive from implementing GPS tracking into their current operations; and one of the easiest ways to do that is by having them hear about those benefits from the customers themselves.”

GPS tracking systems provided by Field Technologies have become one of the most popular new technologies among businesses in a variety of industries. Businesses across the globe are instituting GPS tracking to help them cut labor costs, fuel costs, and improve security. The city of San Diego recently instituted GPS tracking in their waste management department and has claimed that they cut $671,000 in costs through the re-routing program they started a year ago. They also anticipate the savings to increase to $1 million annually as the overhaul expands. This GPS integration process has also caused many companies to become excited about the prospects for their systems. Gary Goldman, Vice President sales
and marketing for Amendola’s Fence states: “We’d get calls, ‘We’re waiting for crews,'” he said. “We found they were stopping for breakfast or taking the long routes. We now have instances where we call the driver and say ‘You’re on the Expressway doing 65 mph. Slow down.’ We’ve found it amazing.” Ed Radford, an operations manager for Hayward Baker Inc. in Fort Worth , TX states that “We don’t have a supervisor on every job,” he says, “but we’ve discovered that the employees’ knowledge that the machine hours are being tracked has resulted in a reduction in the number of hours being reported on payroll.” He went on to claim that he has seen at least a 6% drop in payroll since instituting GPS tracking technology. These savings are not limited to those two companies as Monte Yoder, CFO of Hoffman Southwest, will claim, “Hoffman has realized over a 150% return on investment in the form of reduced labor costs, increased revenue, and improved vehicle maintenance.” “Drivers really like the system because it helps them to spend less time getting to jobs and more time actually doing jobs!” said Yoder. He went on to explain that they have estimated an increase in profits of $200,000 from additional service calls, improved routing capabilities and overall efficiency of their workforce by utilizing the GPS tracking system. They are also able to utilize GPS for accurately tracking hours worked at each job to ensure that they matched the hours reported on employee timesheets, reducing overtime costs significantly.

Field Technologies ‘ GPS tracking systems are answering the questions. They have continued to demonstrate cost savings through their products and let their customers know, “Yes, you will see a return…it is worth the money.” Those savings speak for themselves, and as Field Technologies understands, “our systems allow customers to put the money back in their pockets.”

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