GPS Tracking Nabs Bank Robber In Less Than Half Hour

At approximately, 9: 15 AM on Saturday, July 14, 2012, the PNC Bank branch located at 77 S. Broadway in Aurora, Illinois, was robbed at gunpoint. Miguel A. Ramirez, 29 years old, is accused of being the robber. He allegedly told a teller to “Give me all your money.” When the teller placed just over $7,000 into robber-provided money bag, a GPS tracking device was included. 

Using the GPS tracking data, in less than a half hour, police found an unoccupied Ford Bronco parked at a nearby BP gas station. The money bag used in the robbery was visible. From the images on the bank’s surveillance system, police were able to recognize Ramirez inside the BP convenience store. Ramirez was detained after leaving the store. Inside the Bronco, authorities found the clothing worn during the robbery. Ramirez has been charged with one count of bank robbery.


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