GPS Tracking Helps Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of fleets measuring greenhouse gas emissions. 68% percent of Green Fleet Study survey respondents said they have an environmental goal for their fleets. 65% of fleets measuring emissions are using actual fuel data. 

As part of the effort to reduce their fleet’s environmental impact, fleet managers are focusing on improving driving behavior as a crucial way to reduce emissions. 74% of fleet managers said they are including their drivers in the decision to set and reach environmental goals in an effort to increase driver awareness and buy-in.

42% of fleet managers reported that the initial cost was a barrier to greening their fleet. Many fleet managers, however, have reported cost savings and reduced emissions after having installed a GPS tracking system.

To learn how a green GPS tracking system can save you money and reduce your fleet vehicles’ emissions, contact us.


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