GPS Tracking Effective Solution to Manage Mobile Employees

gps fleet tracking systemsGPS tracking is being used by more and more businesses as a way to manage mobile workers and mobile assets, according to a recent Fox News Report. “More and more companies are paying for GPS tracking service to monitor where their fleet vehicles are at every moment of the day in real-time.” A fleet tracking system usually is hardwired into the vehicle underneath the dash. It provides detailed information on every stop the vehicle made, how long it was there, and exactly what route it took to get there.

Fleet GPS vehicle tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. In fact, many fleet managers see a significant cost savings within days of purchasing a new GPS fleet tracking system.

Fleet management can take the data gathered from the fleet tracking system and use it to improve fleet operations, especially improving driver behavior which is a big factor in cutting costs. A well managed fleet monitors driver efficiency because good drivers don’t waste money on gas, and are able to make more deliveries per day resulting in better customer service.  If workers know that they are being watched, they won’t be able to get away with taking long lunch breaks or leaving work early.

Many businesses are investing in a GPS Fleet Management System because of the potential cost savings. Fleets can cut costs by up to 20% by reducing wasted routes, wasted time idling and wasted use of the wrong vehicle when a closer truck would be better suited, which reduces the amount of money spent on gasoline, tailpipe emissions and wear and tear on the fleet.

FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking System provides fleet management with the following reports, plus many more:

  • Start End Report: Review the times your drivers started and finished their work days. The start / end report can matched against the employees’ time sheets to ensure that you are only paying for actual time. worked. It also helps determine which of your assets are underutilized and how many hours they operate each day.
  • Job End Report: Review the times your drivers entered the first landmarked area and exited the last landmarked area each day. The report can be used as a time sheet that excludes the drivers travel to and from their homes each day.
  • Mileage Report: Review miles traveled by all vehicles during a time period. This assists in monitoring vehicle mileage for maintenance scheduling.

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