GPS Fleet Tracking Systems – 3 Things You May Not Know

gps fleet tracking systemsGPS fleet tracking systems today enable fleet managers to to track their vehicles and monitor them remotely on a constant basis. Vehicle GPS fleet tracking systems relay important information about the real-time vehicle location with the help of the Global Positioning System (GPS) attached to a tracking device inside the  vehicle. There are many benefits offered by GPS fleet management systems, including keeping a close watch on staff performance, lowering fuel consumption, navigating shorter or better routes for drivers, tracking stolen vehicles, obtaining discounts on insurance and making use of other features such as time sheet reporting and mileage claims to enhance customer service and satisfaction. Also GPS fleet tracking and fleet management systems can help companies go green because reducing mileage not only burns less fuel but it produces less vehicle pollution. All these benefits make vehicle GPS systems a worthwhile investment for thousands of companies nationwide.

Three most important things you may not know about your GPS fleet tracking system for vehicles include:

1. Reduced fuel costs – GPS fleet tracking systems are extremely useful in monitoring amount of fuel used by drivers during their job runs. Fuel wastage results usually from various factors such as excessive speeding, unnecessary idling and taking a longer than necessary route. GPS fleet tracking systems generate reports and notification alerts that clearly indicate times when the vehicle has been idling for too long or when the driver was speeding or the vehicle was not where it was supposed to be. Monitoring this type of information provides an opportunity for fleet managers to correct these types of issues. You can confront drivers who indulge in over speeding as you will know the exact time and location where it occurred. GPS fleet tracking systems also help you ascertain the route taking to a particular destination and offer alternate short route suggestions. You can then instruct the driver to use the shorter route and save on fuel consumption and produce less vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Worker monitoring – Before fleet GPS navigation systems, there was no way fleet owners could keep an eye on employees who leave the office premises.  Prior to the GPS fleet tracking systems of today, there was also no way of finding out if drivers were excessively speeding, wasting fuel, time and indulging in unnecessary idling. With Fieldogix GPS fleet management system reports, it is easy to find out whether your employees are leaving the office early,  misusing vehicles, running  personal errands while on the clock, taking extra long lunches, or doing their job as they are supposed to be.

3. Stolen vehicle tracking & Insurance benefits – One of the best benefits of a modern vehicle GPS fleet tracking system is regarding insurance and vehicle theft. You can create notification alerts in the system to inform you if a vehicle that is not scheduled is on the move. This helps in quicker response time in case of a stolen vehicle or other type of emergency. With the help of the signal, police can quickly track down the location of the vehicle. This extra security in your vehicle offers you big discounts on insurance. Certain insurance companies offer even up to 30% for companies that have installed GPS fleet tracking systems installed in their vehicles.