GPS and Safe Sex – NYC Launches GPS App to Locate Free Condom Dispensers

GPS tracking system technology and safe sex – now there’s two things that I never thought would go together. But never say never.  Because yesterday the NYC Health Department announced the launch of a new GPS app for cel phones called Condom Finder.  The new GPS app is free and works with both the iPhone and Android. The new app uses GPS tracking to provide users with the location and directions to the closest free condom dispenser.

Users can use the new GPS system app to find free condoms in the city through either global positioning system technology on their cel phone or by manually entering an address of the almost 1,000 condom distribution locations in five different neighborhoods. Besides giving directions to the condom dispensers, the GPS app will give hours of operation, what types of safe sex products are available and tips on how to properly use a condom. According to Reuters, NYC has been handing out roughly 3 million condoms a month!

According to NYC Health Commissioner, Dr. Tom Farley, “The NYC Condom Finder is a useful tool to ensure that New Yorkers have access to free condoms wherever they are in the city. Using a condom every time you have sex protects you and your partner from contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Condoms also prevent unintended pregnancy.”

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