Garmin Launches Navigation System for Truck Tracking, Fleet Management

Garmin Intl Inc. (GRMN) recently launched the dezl (pronounced “diesel”) series navigation system, designed specifically for the trucking industry. The dezl GPS fleet tracking system is pre-loaded with features that can save truckers time, money, and fuel.

The navigation system appeals to both drivers and fleet management for different reasons. Truck drivers will like the navigation device because it can make finding places on the go as simple as possible. The Garmin navigation device can quickly locate highway exits, fuel stops, rest areas, lodging, truck stops, anything the driver may need along his route. The fleet GPS navigation device also has Lane Assist which helps drivers navigate with confidence and drive safer.

The dezl navigation device can help fleet management manage driver hours, fuel and mileage tracking, truck speed limits, and advanced navigation and route planning calculation with Garmin’s brand new navigation technology. The GPS tracking system logs information that can be exported to aid fleet management, expense tracking, and for submitting the quarterly International Fuel Tax Agreement Documentation (IFTA), applicable to some commercial drivers.

There are two models for the Garmin dezl navigation system, dezl 560 LT, and the 560 LMT. The difference is the LMT comes with map updates. The Garmin dezl vehicle navigation system comes with:

  • Lifetime traffic updates
  • 5-inch user-friendly display
  • Speaks driving directions aloud
  • Routes updated by live traffic updates

FieldLogix real-time GPS fleet tracking system is integrated with turn-by-turn driving directions powered by Garmin Navigation and Google Maps.  FieldLogix is the most user-friendly, fature-rich fleet tracking system in the trucking industry today. You can save favorite map views, view real-time traffic, view satellite images, and watch your vehicles as they move throughout the day. With FieldLogix+Nav you can send your jobs to a Garmin GPS navigation device and route your drivers from their current locations to each new job. The Garmin interface also provides you with status information on your dispatched jobs and work completed.

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