Gangs Now Using GPS Technology for Crimes

Gangs Now Using GPS Technology for Crimes

Three Colorado men have been indicted of kidnapping a couple and their two daughters, holding the women for ransom. The men, Tracy Morgan, a.k.a. Tre Dog, of Denver; Killiu Ford, a.k.a. Caveman, of Aurora; and Augustus Sanford, a.k.a. Turk, of Denver, face at least 20 years in prison for their charges.

The trio purchased a GPS tracking unit online, then called the male victim to schedule a cocaine delivery. The delivery request was a rouse to plant the tracker onto the victim’s vehicle. Using the data the GPS tracker provided, the trio was able to track the victim to his home where they donned a stolen police uniform to gain entry into the house and kidnap the family.

The women were held separately from the male victim. With a gun pointed at her daughter’s head, the wife disclosed the location of where her husband hid the family’s money. The trio released the family and fled with about $30,000 cash.


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