Fleet Tracking System Saves Company Hundreds Each Month

One of the UK’s largest providers of port-a-potties, Toilets+, recently installed a GPS-based fleet tracking system in 32 of the company’s vehicles. The real-time fleet tracking system is saving Toilets+ as much as £400 ($650 USD) per month in fuel costs, cutting engine-idling times throughout its entire fleet.

According to Toilets+ managing director, Mick Bowman, “Through the fleet tracking system, we discovered some staff were reaching a site and leaving their vehicle’s engine running, often for very long periods. Now drivers are required to switch off and remove the ignition key on arrival….We also use the fleet tracking service to check drivers’ start and finish times to aid the monthly payroll.”

A fleet tracking system can provide companies with many benefits. Tracking and managing fleet vehicles with GPS easily prevents excessive idling, speeding and personal vehicle use. It also helps to improve routing and helps the average fleet reduce fuel costs by 13%. Monitoring of your drivers can help managers to significantly decrease employee costs and time card abuse.

Toilets+ has reported many real-time benefits of using the fleet tracking system, including one-minute vehicle updates, custom daily and weekly management reports, real-time geo-fencing alerts, speeding and driver behavior reports, a vehicle route replay facility, a fleet management organizer, a system configuration control, and Google Maps with satellite view.

Additionally a fleet management system saves an average of $5,484 per employee annually. Fleet tracking allows companies to add more jobs to each work day. Companies see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing a fleet management system.


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