Fleet Telematics and Asset Management Conference 2010 – Limited Time Offer

fleet managementHave you heard about the 9th annual Fleet & Asset Management USA 2010 Conference & Expo on November 17-18 in  Atlanta, GA? It  is an important forum for the commercial Fleet and Telematics industry.

The program will have speakers from the Department of Transportation (DOT), NHTSA, John Deere and more.

Here is a list of topics that will be covered at the Fleet Management Show.

  • Innovative Joint Ventures Elevate Industry Benchmarks: Assess which future partnerships will enable your business to surpass competition and achieve supremacy through deliverance of next-generation products and services.
  • Commercial Logic of Green Solutions Unearthed: Capture the fiscal benefits fundamental to adoption of green-fleet initiatives by positioning solutions to deliver competitive idle-time and route optimization capabilities to help fleets slash costs! Learn how green GPS fleet tracking systems like FieldLogix can help you go green and save green.
  • Create the Winning Formula for Insurance Telematics : Discuss how best to create successful alliances with the insurance community and see how resulting products and services will be integrated within the fleet space.
  • Latest Mobile-Office Applications Revealed: Discover which in-cab functionalities are essential for ultimate business efficiency so you can capture and retain a larger segment of the market.
  • Extend Reach Through a Complete Enterprise Approach: Determine how additional integration will increase end-to-end capacity and enable seamless and transparent supply-chains to win over end users.
  • New Vertical Markets Primed for Telematics: Identify which verticals stand to gain most from installing fleet telematics and fleet logistics technologies and examine how your business can secure longevity through future mass market.

In the mean time, this is just a friendly reminder that there is a $400 discount on conference passes. The offer expires next Friday, August 27. To check out the prices or secure your conference ticket with the $400 discount applied visit https://secure.telematicsupdate.com/fleet/register.htm

Fleet & Asset Management USA is a top-level fleet management event. Here’s what conference attendees at the 2009 show had to say:

“2009 was fantastic! We met all the decision makers for key companies, as well as decision makers for new innovative companies”

— T-Mobile

“Focused and valuable agenda around new telematics industry concepts, partnerships and technology along with the ability to catch up with industry contacts” —Qualcomm

“Fleet & Asset Management was extremely valuable – both during the conference presentations and the networking opportunities to make key contacts”

—Ford Motor Company

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