Fleet Management System Optimizes Resources and Make Customers Happier

The Best GPS Fleet Management Systems Cut Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Do you want to save your company money by running a more efficient business?  A good GPS fleet management system can optimize your business resources and make customers happier. GPS fleet tracking devices can capture location data every few seconds and transmit it to back-office software for real-time map display and in-depth performance analysis.

Cut Fuel Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with FieldLogix GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking and Fleet Management System. With FieldLogix you can track your fleet vehicles with real-time fleet tracking, and always know where your vehicles are 24/7.

A GPS Fleet Tracking System Can:

  • Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Service
  • Reduce business operating costs
  • Reduce maintenance expenses
  • Cut annual insurance cost savings of 5 to 35% per vehicle
  • Reduce Risk of Accidents and Liability
  • Reinforce Safe driving Habits for Drivers
  • Reduce Paperwork for fleet managers, drivers and payroll
  • Reduce Unauthorized Side Trips and Unauthorized Employee Breaks
  • Reduce Overtime Expenses

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