FieldLogix Releases New Safety Alert

[San Diego, CA – September 25, 2019] FieldLogix customers can improve fleet safety with the new Safety Alert which alerts drivers of dangerous behaviour in real time, allowing fleet managers to GET MORE DONE! 

FieldLogix has released another industry-leading safety accessory that can easily be added on to customers’ current FieldLogix Field Resource Management devices.

The in-cab Safety Alert  is customizable and can be activated when drivers pass a certain speed threshold or drive aggressively with hard acceleration, braking or turns.  The high-decibel sound alerts drivers in real time and will not turn off until the dangerous behavior is corrected. It is currently in Beta release.

Yukon Palmer, CEO says, “What sets this new, innovative safety feature apart is its ability to catch, alert and aim to correct aggressive driving behaviors in a matter of seconds. Rather than a fleet manager reviewing the driver score-card later than day, week or month, driver’s receive immediate feedback which improves safety, reduces liability and helps keep everyone on the road safe.  This is just one part of our 2019 initiative to improve fleet driver safety.”

About FieldLogix

Since 2002, FieldLogix has been one of the more enduring and efficient Field Resource Management companies in the industry. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company helps organizations improve the monitoring and managing of their mobile and fixed assets.   FieldLogix has grown rapidly to become a leading fleet management & mobility provider. FieldLogix has been profiled in numerous publications and selected as one of the 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management providers by Insights Success magazine. Their dedication to their customers’ experience is the reason for their accomplishments and continues to drive their future success.

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