FieldLogix CEO to Speak at Green Fleet Management Conference

Yukon Palmer CEO FieldLogixFiedlLogix CEO, Yukon Palmer, will be speaking at the Green Fleet Management Conference on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, in Palo Alto, CA put on by Agrion.  In his discussion, Yukon Palmer, a green fleet telematics expert, will provide attendees with valuable insights, ideas, and examples to help fleet managers create the most cost-effective and environmentally conscious Green Fleet possible for your company. Telematics is the use of technology to manage fleet vehicles and Mr. Palmer will discuss how it can help make your fleet greener and more efficient.

Mr. Palmer’s speech will reiterate that in light of today’s environmental issues and corporate responsibility expectations, the concept of Green Fleet Management should be important to all fleet managers, whether you have a fleet of one or one thousand. Developing and managing a green fleet requires a thorough knowledge of available products, technologies, and an in-depth cost-benefit analysis, plus much more.

The Green Fleet Management Conference Panel Discussions will cover the following topics:

  • What are the most useful tools to manage vehicle fleets?
  • Do fuel-smart driving practices and driver training have a significant impact on fleet emissions reductions?
  • Is managing a green fleet an important selling point and a valuable improvement to a company’s brand image? Are green fleet vehicles an effective marketing tool?
  • How does managing a green fleet effect the bottom line? Are the current green fleet options cost-effective and sustainable? What kind of ROIs can companies expect to see from upgrading to a green fleet? Will fuel savings outweigh upgrade costs?
  • What were the important lessons learned from the Green Fleet Conferences held this year in Frankfurt and Paris?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of alternative fleet options – biofuel, electric, hybrid, natural gas?
  • What are the costs and challenges associated with the infrastructure requirements for fueling and/or vehicle charging stations?
  • Is it more cost-effective and environmentally responsible to convert traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles or should you replace them?
  • What types of energy management systems would need to be put in place to manage the electricity required for an active electric fleet? Would this be disruptive or beneficial to the grid?
  • What is the current status on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology? At this time, should its prospects be factored into green fleet management decisions?
  • What financial, tax, and manufacturer incentives are available?
  • In addition to tax rebates, are there other financial incentives in place (free/reduced parking/tolls, manufacturer incentives, more?) for driving a green vehicle?
  • Does a green fleet have a tangible effect on the well being of the company and greater community?

Who is Agrion? Agrion brings together entrepreneurs, investors and corporations involved in energy, cleantech, raw materials, sustainable development, mobility and urban management. Agrion was created in 2006 by a group of world-renowned business leaders and entrepreneurs including François-Henri Pinault (Owner of Gucci Group), Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft), Sir Martin Sorrell (Founder of WPP), Wu Janmin (President of the Beijing Institute for Diplomacy and former ambassador of China to several countries), Gehard Zeiler (CEO of RTL, the leading German media group) and other international leaders.

What is FieldLogix? GPS fleet tracking and fleet management system, FieldLogix, can quickly slash vehicle fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas and CO2 fleet emissions. FieldLogix GPS fleet management system will give your fleet managers a GREEN Fleet Tracking Report that is easy to understand and utilize to develop a green fleet strategy. These automated Green Fleet Score Reports work around the clock, so you can quickly see increases in profitability, performance and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. With this type of GPS fleet tracking solution, even a small fleet can go green and save thousands of dollars per vehicle per year.

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