FieldLogix Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary Milestone!

On June 27 2017, FieldLogix celebrated 15 years in business!  From our humble beginnings as a MBA business plan, the company has evolved to become a leader in our industry.

The past year has opened new opportunities for change, diversity, and innovation as a company. Striving to be an innovative leader in IoT is never easy, yet the will of our team helps us succeed.

Some of this year’s achievements include:


  • Triple-digit YTD subscriber growth
  • Moved to a new, upgraded San Diego headquarters
  • Released over 20 new features
  • Launched the fleet Vitals Report that monitors vehicle health
  • Released posted speed limit alerts
  • Launched and enhanced the Goose mobile driver management app
  • Launched the Goose mobile time clock

One of the most exciting developments was the release of the Goose mobile time clock early this year. The mobile time clock gives fleet operators additional visibility into their mobile employee’s work activities and is a great complement to our fleet & driver management solution.

Another exciting innovation is the Apple smartwatch app. Fleet administrators can now access drivers as a contact list to view which employees are on-duty or off-duty and where they are.

In addition, we have made several new enhancements to our award-winning Goose mobile application.

A few fun features for Goose include:


  • Client ETA notifications
  • Proof of Service with photo capture, electronic signature, notes, & barcode scan
  • Client receipts, Yelp review prompts, and more

“I am proud to see what we have accomplished over the past 15 years, says Yukon Palmer – Founder & Chief Service Promoter. All of the hard work and a focus on providing an outstanding customer experience has propelled us to be recognized as a leader in the IoT market. It is great to have achieved such a great milestone and is all due to our dedicated and persistent team and supportive customers. We will further demonstrate our leadership in innovation for the next 15 years and will surprise and delight our customers and the industry as a whole.”

Thank you to our team for reaching this goal with dedication and creativity. The past 15 years has been an exciting ride! Innovation and excellent customer service will continue to be the mission for FieldLogix during year 16 and onward.


About FieldLogix

FieldLogix provides an award-winning fleet & driver management service that is used by companies such as Coca-Cola and Trane.  Since 2002, the company has been providing innovative technology and outstanding customer service to fleets throughout North America.

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