FieldLogix Celebrates 11 Years!

We are proud to announce that we recently celebrated 11 years in business.  The past years have taught us valuable lessons about building a great company, a great product, and a great user experience.  These lessons, and our belief in our mission, have carried fieldlogix-logo-sealus through many challenging times and have become the foundation for our future.

We exist because we want to build a great organization and do something significant for mankind.  For our contribution to society, we will use our technology to play a major role in the reduction of fossil fuel consumption.

While technology has been the key to the advancement of society, it has also created many unintended side effects such as global warming and pollution.  We believe that Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology will be one of the keys to mitigating the damage to our environment so our future generations will inherit the planet in the same condition in which we enjoy it today.  We want to push the boundaries of M2M technology help ensure that this happens.

During the next 11 years, we believe that we will become an even greater company that is highly regarded for its positive role in our environment.  FieldLogix will become the model of a successful for-profit company that has interdependent financial and environmental goals.

– Yukon Palmer – Founder / CEO


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