Edmunds Says Vehicle Telematics Will Forever Change How We Drive

Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems enabled with Telematics technology will forever change the way Americans drive, according to an article on an Edmunds company website – Insideline.com. The article titled “Five Car Technologies That Will Change How You Drive” discusses  up and coming technological advances that will make driving better, safer, more convenient and more entertaining than ever.

The five up and coming auto technologies highlighted in the Edmunds article include:

* Telematics and GPS Tracking – Voice activation, text-to-speech technology, audible RSS feeds, and vehicle tracking systems are being upgraded and developed.

* Connected Cars – Updated maps, local services and listings, real-time traffic information and much more are now available from your dashboard. Features like Ford’s Sync system and connected navigation such as Google Maps Navigation bring “cloud computing” to your car’s interior.

* Next-Generation Head-Up Displays – Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) display information on the windshield and infrared cameras “paint” the edges of a road during low visibility.

* Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, blind-spot detection and pedestrian detection can help protect drivers from even themselves.

* In-Car Apps – Soon drivers will be able to download a wide variety of apps to create customizable dashboards, navigation, communication and entertainment options within their vehicles.

What is a Telematics System?

According to Wikipedia, vehicle telematics  can be described as: the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, for application in vehicles and with control of vehicles on the move.  Telematics includes but is not limited to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology integrated with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems.

Basically, vehicle telematics systems combine GPS navigation technology with the ability to communicate all kinds of information – to a computer software program, to a mobile phone, to someone in an email or text message, etc. Many people are familiar with, for example, the OnStar vehicle telematics system.

Not only is OnStar capable of providing basic navigation and driving directions, but the system can automatically notify emergency services of your exact location in case you get into an  accident.  The Onstar telematics/GPS system is now able to tie in with smartphone apps so vehicle owners can remotely access features such as door lock/unlock and remote air-conditioning/heating start-up for those unbearably hot or cold days.  Additionally, OnStar recently unveiled future features that will allow drivers to update their Facebook status and check their news feed using voice activation and text-to-speech technology. Imagine no more texting and driving – something that we can all benefit from!

For businesses who own or manage a fleet of vehicles, telematics enabled Fleet Management Systems such as FieldLogix are becoming a critical “must” to stay ahead of the competition by reducing fleet operating expenses and inefficiencies. FieldLogix is a “Green” GPS Fleet Management System that is based upon ground-breaking telematics technology. Not only does the FieldLogix telematics / GPS system track and navigate fleet vehicles, but the system can help business owners to reduce fuel costs, reduce vehicle emissions, improve customer service, reduce vehicle maintenance, and cut labor costs – amongst many, many other benefits.

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