Economic Guide to Greening Your Fleet With Electric Vehicles Just Released

electric fleet vehcile FedexThe Fleet Electrification Roadmap is a guide that provides insight and analysis on the economics of electric vehicles for fleet management.  The Fleet Roadmap recognizes the myriad financial and technological challenges for fleet management in converting a gas-fueled fleet of vehicles to electric.

The analysis within the Fleet Roadmap suggests that with targeted policies in place, fleet adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles could reach 200,000 vehicles by 2015.  The report includes the results of a detailed total cost of ownership analysis for electric vehicles in fleets for several different industries.

The report, delivered to Congress last week,  demonstrates specific opportunities in which innovative models can help make electric-drive vehicles a compelling opportunity for U.S. businesses and the government. The Fleet Electrification Roadmap was released by the Electrification Coalition.

According to the EC website, by focusing on these opportunities, fleet management could drive much-needed scale production volumes in the U.S. battery industry, driving down costs to benefit the broader consumer market for electric vehicles. EC’s mission is to promote  the utilization of electric vehicles on a large scale, in order to combat the economic, environmental, and national security threats posed by the country’s dependence on petroleum.

To get a copy of the complete report go here:  “Fleet Electrification Roadmap.”

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