Eco-Friendly Driving Habits That Save Money On Fuel

In light of rising gas prices, here are some “Green” driving tips from AAA to help you conserve fuel. The benefits of fuel conservation include a healthier environment, financial savings and improved driver safety. The type of vehicle you drive, how well it’s maintained, and where and how much you drive are the most important factors to consider when trying to conserve fuel.

The high cost of gas is going to take its toll on the entire nation. Fears of inflation continue to fester as the cost of gas is expected to continue increasing throughout 2011.To conserve gas, drivers should slow down and find ways to do more with less.

A variety of transportation modes and commuting options offer choices to meet individual travel needs and help ensure a healthier environment. People are encouraged to try alternative options to driving in order to conserve fuel and protect the environment. For example, to be a more eco-friendly things you could try:

1. Carpooling. Carpooling, also referred to as ride-sharing, allows people to travel together to a destination in one vehicle.

2. Walking or riding bicycles more. Walking instead of driving is good for your wallet and your waist line.

3. Taking the train or coaster.

4. .Utilizing other public transportation options. Public transportation is an essential part of a balanced transportation system.

Trip Chaining

Trip-chaining – combining errands into one trip – is another option to save time and money. Here are a few trip-chaining tips from AAA:

* Plan ahead. Take a moment to plan out your route and think about what else you might need to get done.
* Make a list. Think about everything that you need and get it all done at once to avoid last-minute trips.
* Find the best route. A number of Internet sites can help you plan the shortest, most efficient route. GPS receivers or a GPS tracking system also can help.
* Try making only right turns. Studies show that left turns tend to take more time and waste more gas than right turns because drivers often have to wait for traffic to clear and lights to change.
* Avoid backtracking by following a more efficient, preplanned route.
* Combine errands. Pick up your dry cleaning on your way to the grocery store to avoid an unnecessary trip.
* Use closer stores. Explore neighborhood shops, and try walking to lunch at a nearby restaurant instead of driving to one farther away.
* Group your appointments together. Combine trips to the dentist and doctor when possible.
* Consider one-stop shopping. Many stores and shopping centers may offer the opportunity to get all your errands done in just one stop.

If your small-to-mid-sized business has a fleet of cars, trucks, vans or equipment to deliver your product or service, high gas prices can have a huge impact on your bottom line.  The FieldLogix “Green” GPS fleet tracking system can help you to reduce your fuel expenses and become more efficient in delivering your product or service. For more information, please see our fleet tracking system demos.

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