Dunphy’s ExtermaPest Cuts Gas Costs $700 a Month With FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System

Dunphy’s ExtermaPest Cuts Gas Costs by $700 a Month For a 10 Vehicle Fleet With FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System

With today’s high fuel costs and a sluggish economy, companies are seeking ways to reduce their operating costs. One way to reduce costs dramatically is through the use of a GPS fleet tracking system.

Ron Dunphy, president of Dunphy’s Extermapest in Palm Springs, California has seen a significant reduction in fuel costs since implementing FieldLogix.

Dunphy said, “Before implementing FieldLogix last year, when gas prices were much lower, I was spending $3,400 a month on fuel for my 10 vehicles. After installing FieldLogix on my vehicles, I now spend $2,700 per month on fuel, even with higher gas prices!”

**These savings total $700 per month (or $8,400 per year!), which is more than double the amount he spends on the FieldLogix GPS tracking system.**

These savings are realized before factoring in the additional revenue that FieldLogix is bringing to his company.

Dunphy further stated, “I no longer have to turn down jobs because my guys tell me they are too busy when, in fact, they are just sitting at home having a beer. By knowing where they actually are, I can determine who can take what service call and bring in more revenue for my business”.

Now is a better time than ever to implement a GPS fleet tracking system.

FieldLogix Fleet GPS Tracking System helps companies across the US reduce fuel costs by:
– Reducing excessive vehicle idling
– Reducing excessive vehicle speeding
– Improving the routing of vehicles
– Eliminating excessive personal use of fleet vehicles
– Improving vehicle maintenance
– Ensuring that vehicles do not leave designated areas
– Eliminating side jobs

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