GPS Tracking Busts Dunkin’ Donuts Thieves

GPS Tracking Busts Dunkin’ Donuts Thieves

Having a known modus operandi since at least 2006 for robbing Dunkin’ Donuts shops and being suspected in more recent burglaries was enough for the Boston Police Department to issue and receive a warrant to secretly install a GPS tracking device on the vehicle of Edward Nugent, 49.

Within just a few days after the tracking device was installed into Nugent’s vehicle, Boston police tracked Nugent and his friend, Charles Cogliano, 46, toward Salem, where the car made several stops, including the Dunkin’ Donuts at 232 Highland Ave. At the same time, Salem police were reviewing surveillance video from that Dunkin’ Donuts location and the adjacent Pep Boys, where the two men borrowed a dolly left outside.

Boston police continued monitoring the location of Nugent’s vehicle to where they had already found two safes taken in earlier burglaries. During the surveillance, sounds of banging metal were heard. After Nugent’s vehicle left the site, police went in and found the safe.

A week later, the GPS tracked Nugent’s vehicle near another Dunkin’ Donuts. Boston police called the local police to ask if there had just been a burglary. There had been. Several cash registers had been stolen, and someone had tried to break open the safe.

Police in Boston stopped the car and arrested Nugent and Cogliano. In the trunk, cash, a sledgehammer, pry bars, a screwdriver, and Dunkin’ Donuts coupons were found.



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