Develop a Green Fleet Sustainability Program – Alternate Fuel Fleet Vehicles

green fleet electric truckAt the Green Fleet Conference 2010 in San Diego last month, David Meisel, Transportation Services Director for PG&E, gave an excellent presentation on Introducing Alternate Fuel Vehicles Into Your Fleet. PG & E is the largest fleet operating in California and one of the largest fleets in the U.S.

Meisel said, “Pacific Gas and Electric Company believes in environmental leadership from an energy, supply chain and green fleet perspective. Greening the fleet makes good business sense – from both an environmental and economic standpoint. Without question, we have a unified front in terms of our commitment to environmental leadership and greening our fleet. Our chairman is actively engaged on issues associated with climate change and we’re supportive of GHG legislation both on the national and international fronts. We’ve also supported California’s Low-Carbon Fuel Standard and state policies that address climate change, petroleum reduction, and emissions reductions.”

When it comes to choosing the right green fleet mix – one size does not fit all. Different fleets require different solutions. Developing a green supply chain program with an embedded green fleet strategy is challenging but “worth it” because of the cost savings and environmental benefits.

Meisel said “We are actively involved in the development, demonstration and application of natural gas and electric-drive technologies. No one fuel or technology is the single answer to our fuel dependency and greenhouse gas issues. Looking at a blended technology portfolio where each application is matched with the appropriate technology that best meets the application needs – especially with the changing technology landscape.”

For PG & E, in terms of blended technology, they are adding hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric, high-efficiency technology, fuel cell and E-PTOs to their fleet. The entire PG & E company is on board with the efforts to green the fleet – from top level management, to drivers, to fleet management.

PG & E’s Green Fleet

PG & E operates the largest alternative fueled and high efficiency vehicle utility fleet in the nation, with more than 2,600 vehicles. Here is the breakdown of their green fleet vehicles:

  • Natural gas (CNG or LNG)      1,100
  • Bio-Diesel (B-20)       900
  • Electric (on- and off-road)       112
  • Hybrid (HEV and PHEV)      490

In addition to converting alternative fuel vehicles, fleets must utilize the right technology. For example, the FieldLogix Green GPS Fleet Management System reduces fleet fuel costs and excess idling time immediately. The “green” fleet management system tracks vehicles in real-time to optimize routes and reduce the amount of gas burned. Plus it calculates your greenhouse gas emissions and can actually predict where your fleet is losing money – whether it’s due to excess idling, poor driving habits, or some other fleet management issue.

About PG & E
•Gas & electric utility
•20,000 employees
•Service area stretches over 70,000 sq. miles
•15 million customers served
•$42.7B in assets as of December 31, 2009, and revenues of approximately $13.4B

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