Deliver These 5 Things to Your Customers





Learning about your customers’ likes and dislikes is a challenge that comes with a very high reward. For instance, if you know your customer is unhappy ahead of time, you can be proactive and potentially save your business from a dreaded bad review online.

Check out these 5 things your customers want you to know:

1. Quality Over Speed

  • Studies show that consumers prefer to stay with a business that caters to the quality of their service or product, especially when time is a factor.
  • From minor details to the delivery process itself there is an opportunity to show customers that you care more than the other company. Talk about an advantage!

2. Customers Want to Share Suggestions

  • Consumers know what they like and given the opportunity, they are willing to share their ideas and recommendations. The value in this is potential revenue growth from creative insight and/or ideas on a product or service.

3. Cater to Personalization

  • By focusing on each customer experience this will make them feel special and want to continuously choose your business.
  • Adding personal touches keeps you remembered and talked about amongst customers’ friends and family!

4. Use Their Name to be Remembered

  • Similar to personalizing, a final touch is to mention your customer’s name while providing them a service or product. Simple gestures like this can go a long way and help make you stand out!

5. Time is More Valued than Money

  • Time is highly valuable yet, businesses still give 4 hour window wait times, forcing customers to wait around. Instead, provide customers with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) when your product or service is only 15 minutes away.
  • Leave your customers with the thought of “this was time well spent” after the job or delivery is complete.

There is good news…

Designed for mobility and growth, the “Goose-Driver Management” app helps businesses monitor what consumers are really thinking!

Goose automatically sends a friendly message to your customers asking for their star-rating and comments. Now, businesses can get a clearer picture of their customer’s experience.

Additionally, with the Goose app drivers have access to customers’ name and the ability to send ETA alerts to customers. The Goose app includes other features such as time clock, dispatch and routing, traceable locations, and more to help you build stronger customer relationships.

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