Cornwall’s Electric Taxi Fleet Clocks 150k Miles in First Year

Corwall’s Electric taxi fleet is destroying any negative speculation that electric vehicles might not be the best choice for a fleet vehicle or are unsuitable for smaller towns.

C&C Taxi, based in the English countryside, was the first taxi service in the UK to incorporate the all-electric Nissan LEAF to its fleet of cars about a year ago. The small taxi fleet is comprised of just 10 vehicles, and after the success of the introductory LEAF, the company added four more with plans to add an all-electric Nissan minivan when it goes on sale later this year.

In just one year, the fleet of LEAF’s have serviced more than 37,000 individual fares and clocked up over 150,000 miles. Michelle Williams, owner of C&C Taxis, says the company has saved more than $67,000 on its fuel bill.

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