Connected Pedals with GPS Tracking Prevent Theft

French startup Connected Cycle debuted what it calls the “first ever connected pedal” at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past week. The new pedal notifies the owner of the bike via smartphone if it moves location and could help prevent theft. The GPS tracking system in the pedal is also able to tell the owner where the bike was last parked.

Aside from easy tracking, the high-tech pedals also record route, incline, speed, and calories burned. The stats gathered are automatically stored in a cloud system and can be acceded through the Connected Cycle app, meaning riders don’t need to carry a smart phone on the ride.

The pedals are sold as a pair in red, black, blue, orange, or green, and aluminum casing protects the electronics inside. Only one pedal has the technology in it, while the other is just designed to match.

Installation can be done in under two minutes and requires no mechanical skill. However, removing the pedals requires a special coded key that only the owner of the bike will have.

Currently, Connected Cycle is seeking outside investors and may turn to crowdfunding to help raise funds for mass production later in the year.

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