City Fleets Use Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Oil Filters to Reduce Waste & Maintenance Expenses

eco-friendly tires on truck fleetTwo cities in  in Southern California – Culver City in Los Angeles County and Westminster in Orange County – have been using Pure Power oil filters in an effort to reduce waste and maintenance expenses, according to a press release from the company, PurePower. According to Kelly Tidwell of Pure Power!, use of the company’s cleanable, reusable oil filter can extend oil change intervals two to four times longer than traditional filters. Reducing waste is good for the environment, reducing expenses is good for fleets.

The Culver City Fleet is ranked # 7 on the 2010 100 Best Fleets listing. The city fleet has been using Pure Power! oil filters for the last year. According to Paul Condran, equipment maintenance manager, the filters used in the city’s fleet of vehicles never have to be replaced and can be retained and reused as fleet vehicles are replaced. “They are providing us with an excellent way to clean the oil, especially in our expensive heavy- and medium-duty natural gas engines,” he said. Condran stated the City will eventually have the entire fleet converted.

The Westminster City Fleet has been using the oil filters in its fleet vehicles for more than 10 years. The filters were initially installed on Crown Victoria patrol vehicles in 2000, switched over to a new Crown Vic fleet four years later, and then switched over to the new fleet of Dodge Chargers two years ago. “The filters are easy to clean and allow convenient monitoring of engine conditions, which reduces our repairs, inventory, and downtown, and keeps us on budget,” said Kevin Beach, fleet manager.

Why Pure Power Oil Filters?

On a typical vehicle, you (should) change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. And what do you do with the oil and used filter? Eco-conscious people take their oil to an auto parts store or hazardous waste center for recycling and proper disposal. Still, others just toss them in the trash. Either way, the used filters usually end up in a landfill somewhere.

Located in Huntington Beach, California, Pure Power fits over 25,000 applications with their spin-on direct replacement Lifetime oil filters.  Pure Power filters are presently being used in many engines including foreign and domestic, gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, motorcycles, big rig trucks, military equipment, farm and mining equipment – even piston engine aircraft. Pure Power is the ONLY cleanable oil filter to pass strict F.A.A. testing.

Pure Power filters have been in the winner’s circle in every major racing venue on land, sea and air including NASCAR, NHRA (Pro Stock car and motorcycle), etc. They have won major awards for design, innovation and performance. Pure Power motor oil and filters have been used in commercial and government fleets for years including police departments, fire departments and postal fleets. The company’s founder, Kelly Tidwell, designed an oil filter for aircrafts to change oil after 100 hours of flight time versus the 25 hours with conventional filters.

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