Cell Phone GPS Systems Vs. Vehicle Installed GPS Tracking Systems

Many people have the notion that a cell phone-based GPS system is cheaper and just as effective as a vehicle installed GPS system. However, GPS tracking via cell phones is unreliable for business purposes. A cell phone GPS system may be good for providing directions occasionally, but it doesn’t perform the way an in-vehicle GPS system can.

In addition to providing navigation and optimal routing, a vehicle tracking system can save business owners time and money in numerous ways including: cutting fuel costs, increasing business efficiencies, improving asset management, optimizing vehicle maintenance, improving customer service and reducing your carbon footprint. Cell phone GPS will not help with any of these issues.

Here is a list of some of the primary differences between a cell phone GPS system and a vehicle installed GPS tracking system:

GPS location tracking

Cell Phone GPS System: GPS program must be turned on by drivers

Installed GPS System: GPS is always on

After hours use of vehicles

Cell Phone GPS System: Driver must take phone during personal use and side jobs

Installed GPS System: Always on

Cell phone battery life

Cell Phone GPS System: Generally reduces life of battery charge by 50%

Installed GPS System: No effect on cell phone battery

GPS accuracy

Cell Phone GPS System: Uses less precise assisted GPS, may only locate by closest cell tower (1-10 mile error)

Installed GPS System: Within 100 feet of location

Location update frequency

Cell Phone GPS System: Updates every 15 minutes

Installed GPS System: Updates every minute

Ways drivers can disable

Cell Phone GPS System: Turn off phone, unplug battery, “forget” to take phone, log out of GPS program

Installed GPS System: Must find hidden device and tear out tamper-resistant wires

Theft recovery

Cell Phone GPS System: Only if the cell phone is in the vehicle, turned on, and the person is not aware it’s in the vehicle

Installed GPS System: Hidden box, system can be setup to notify you

Reduce vehicle insurance

Cell Phone GPS System: No

Installed GPS System: Some insurance companies will give discounts up to 18% with installed GPS

Periodically requires power restart for “reboot”

Cell Phone GPS System: Yes

Installed GPS System: No


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