Can’t Afford a New Hybrid? Environmentally Conscious Driving Saves Money and the Earth

Environmentally conscious driving can be a cost-effective way for drivers to cut down on fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without paying a premium for eco-friendly vehicles, says Business Driver Magazine.  By making small changes in your driving habits, you can help to reduce these numbers and save money at the same time. By driving smarter, you can reduce your fuel costs and your “carbon footprint” as well.

Here are some smart, smooth safe driving techniques from FieldLogix Green GPS Fleet Management System that will reduce fuel costs by around 7 – 20%, depending on how you use the system and the size of your fleet.

When most people think about being a green driver, they think about driving a hybrid, which is a great way to drive green. Hybrids cut fuel costs and produce less greenhouse gas emissions. But what if you can’t afford a new hybrid?  Or what if you already have one and are looking for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint?

There are other ways to be a green driver.  Drivers can be more eco-friendly just by changing their driving patterns.

The following driving tips tend to be both high-impact in terms of fuel economy and are easy for all drivers to control:

1)       Pick the most fuel efficient car for the journey.

2)       Minimize idling. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more gas and emits more pollution than restarting your car. Turn the car off if you’re not moving.

3)       Avoid aggressive driving behaviors. Obey speed limits, accelerate and stop gradually, and anticipate stops.

4)       Maintain the vehicle properly and regularly check tire pressure.

5)       Remove all items you don’t need from the vehicle.

6)       Get good directions or use a GPS system to navigate the best route.

7)       Don’t drive with the windows down at high speeds.

8)       Don’t run the A/C or heat for long periods of time.

A GPS fleet management system is all about environmentally conscious driving. Fleet tracking systems help small business owners save money by using easy to understand fleet tracking reports to optimize fleet efficiency. GPS fleet tracking systems not only help drivers use less fuel and spend less time on the road, but they also reduce the amount of dirty, harmful pollution produced by vehicles.

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