California: Bill signed regulating self-driving cars

Last year, in September 2012, California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, signed a bill that allows self-driving cars on California’s roads!

Google has been working on  this type of vehicles, which use radar, gps tracking, video cameras and lasers to navigate roads and stay safe in traffic without human assistance. Google suggests that autonomous vehicles will prove more safe than the ones driven by humans. “…We can save lives, create jobs and reduce congestion,” said Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

The bill regulating self-driving cars was sponsored by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), and establishes guidelines for autonomous vehicles to be tested and operated in California.

Most traffic accidents are the cause of human error. Humans simply can’t compete with the autonomous technology when it comes to quick response. This technology has the potential to reduce traffic accidents, which means fewer injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Additionally, Mr. Padilla believes that self-driving cars will also improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles, reduce emissions and enable cars to talk to one another to improve traffic flow.

This will be great news to commercial fleets as well. Given that driver behavior is one of the main components affecting fuel efficiency, self-driving vehicles, which will also include fleet tracking technologies will help reduce fuel consumption and related fuel costs.




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