Better Fleet Management with Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

best fleet tracking systemsReal-time GPS vehicle tracking systems can help you to be a better fleet manager. With a Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you always know the fastest and cheapest way to get Driver A to Point B. You don’t have to spend valuable time guessing, the system knows where your fleet vehicles are located. It gives you the knowledge fleet managers to need to make the BEST Fleet Management Decisions.

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking systems keep fleet operations lean and sustainable. The best GPS fleet tracking systems use telematics technology to increase daily fleet deliveries and stops, dramatically reduce overtime costs, improve driver safety, and cut fuel costs. Plus it’s better for the environment.

With the best GPS vehicle tracking systems you can respond to phone calls, re-route drivers, send and receive driver notifications and dispatch messaging as quickly as events happen. Whether you’re a dispatcher, fleet manager or owner, you need to respond to daily occurrences instantly or you risk losing valuable customers and wasting money. Better Fleet management with Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems means:
• Increased Productivity. Avoid traffic, accidents, track driver location, communicate to vehicles with prolonged idle time and send updates to a truck driver whenever, wherever.
• Driver Accountability. Automatically be notified if a fleet vehicle is stopped at an unscheduled location. Monitor how long drivers have been idling. Determine if a fleet driver has been at the customer/delivery site longer than expected.
• Accurate Hours Worked – with real-time vehicle tacking, you can put an end to disagreements over hours worked. You will know when and where your driver starts the day and ends it.

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