Best iPhone Apps to Save Drivers Time and Money on Gas

Fleet Fuel Management, Vehicle Tracking and Green Fleet iPhone Apps

iGasUp ($2.99)  displays the 10 closest fuel stations are and where the lowest fuel prices (gas or diesel) are, from you current location. If you plan to fill up later, you can enter your destination’s ZIP code and the app will provide the 10 cheapest fueling options in that area. The app also provides gasoline brands, directions and the distance to each station using Google Maps. Oil prices are provided by Oil Price Information Service, which also provides price data for AAA and Garmin GPS.

greenMeter ($5.99) can measure and analyze your vehicle’s engine power, fuel economy, and your driving to increase efficiency, fuel consumption, reduce fuel costs and lower your environmental impact. Results are displayed in real-time. GreenMeter is an energy management and tracking system designed to provide measurement and analysis to create efficiency.

GasBag (free) is great for finding cheap gas stations in your area. GasBag, like iGas, locates the closest gas stations and lists their prices. In addition to finding the cheapest gas stations near you, you can also track your gas mileage and expenses to help keep you on track. There is also a logbook that calculates your miles per gallon, price per mile, and price per gallon to see exactly what you’re spending your money on. The downside to this free app is that it doesn’t cover all areas.

AccuFuel ($.99) Fuel Efficiency Tracker lets you see how your driving habits affect fuel-efficiency. You can view gas mileage according to the kind of car you drive and keep track of multiple vehicles. You can also customize the app to use the full odometer readout or the trip odometer.

GasHog ($.99) will help you monitor and track fuel efficiency. GasHog tracks how your vehicle is doing by taking the math out of the equation. You simply enter the mileage of your vehicle each time you refill the tank and it tells you how well your car is doing in the efficiency department. This app is a great way to determine when you might need to get a tune up or change your driving habits.

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