Best Fitness Trackers for the New Year

Most people will agree the number one resolution for the New Year is to get fit, whether that means shedding a few pounds, increasing cardio capability, or finally trying out that intimidating Pilates machine.

With sports and fitness trackers, like GPS watches, biking computers, and heart rate monitors, flooding the market, now is the perfect time to find the one that will help you meet your fitness goals in 2014. There are endless options out there, but here are three of the best for all fitness levels and budgets.

1)      Fitbit Zip $59.95

The Fitbit Zip is the economical sibling of Fitbit. The tiny clip-on device tracks steps, counts miles walked, calories burned, and runs on a watch battery. Unlike its more expensive sibling, it doesn’t monitor sleep or count stairs climbed, but Fitbit Zip does provide wireless syncing to your Fitbit account online. Bottom line, if you are new to the game or just looking for a basic fitness tracker, this is a great option to get started.

2)      Jawbone Up $129.99

Jawbone Up uses mobile apps on iOS and Android that track a variety of metrics for personal health like daily activity, calories burned, and a food log. The app also allows users to set a vibrating alarm that wakes you up in a 30 minute window based on REM cycles.  There are a few downsides to the Jawbone UP, like no heart rate monitor and no data available on the band itself. If you don’t mind accessing data from your smartphone, this is a solid option with some unique features to set it apart from other devices in this price point.

3)      Motorola MotoActv $249.99

One of the pricier options on the market, the Motorola MotoActv is touch screen, GPS-enabled and plays music. The default screen displays baseline calorie burn, calories burned from exercise, steps taken during a workout, as well as date and time. For those who exercise outdoors, this is one of the better options since it eliminates the need for a separate GPS device.  The GPS feature syncs personal data to a map allowing the user to see different correlations between physical activity and geography. The free app is user friendly and the data tracking and analysis are tough to beat. If you’re a fitness enthusiast with a little extra cash to spend, this is a great option to consider.



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