Autonomous Vehicles Debated at ICFM, Fleet Managers Should Prepare for Change

Industry experts at the Institute of Car Fleet Management annual conference are advising fleet managers to prepare for some quick changes in vehicle technology in the coming years.

According to Dr. Nick Reed, a TRL Senior Academy Fellow, “How we drive cars in the next 20 years will change more than the way we have done in the past 80 years.”

Google’s autonomous test vehicles have accrued more than 700,000 accident-free miles, and experts believe trust in self-driving cars will grow as the vehicles gain popularity. Gerry Keaney, chief executive of the BVRLA said, “Technology starts in the high end product. The more experience we have in it, the more trust we have. Most of the autonomous vehicle technology is here now; the challenge is to get it in more cars.”

The conference, held at Henry Ford College, Loughborough, and hosted by Ford Motor Company and FMG, welcomed more than 170 members and guests.

New ICFM chairman, Paul Hollick, said, “This year’s conference was the best yet and the autonomous vehicles theme proved thought-provoking for the delegates who attended.From the panel session to Hugh Dickerson’s keynote speech, there was much for them to take away and consider for future fleet policy.”

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