AT&T Operating Fleet of 8,000 CNG Vehicles

With the deployment of its 8,000th compressed natural gas vehicle, AT&T proudly operates one of the largest GNG fleets in the nation. The clean energy effort, when said and done, will have taken 10 years, $565 million, and put 15,000 alternative fuel fleet vehicles on the road by 2018.

“With one of the largest corporate fleets in the country, it makes sense for our business and our communities that we constantly seek ways to reduce fuel costs and minimize environmental impact,” said Vice President, Global Fleet and Transportation Management at AT&T, Jerome Webber, “Operating a diverse fleet, which includes alternative fuel vehicles, supports AT&T’s commitment to sustainability and exemplifies how we strive to do business.”

AT&T also uses all electric, hybrid electric, and extended-range electric vehicles in its fleet operating over 43 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

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