According to GPS Collar, Cat Napped on Busy A15 in Britain


Owner Iain Simpson was amazed to find out Archie zig-zags across lanes of traffic to get to his favourite sleeping spot

The daring feline has been named “Britain’s bravest pet” after his GPS collar showed him sleeping in the middle of the busy A15, a main road in England.

Four-year-old Archie was fitted with the GPS collar after disappearing for weeks at a time.  His owner was shocked to find at night he would leave the house and head to the A15 near her home in Quarrington. Often, his collar showed him being stationary for hours at a time on the busy thoroughfare.

The gentleman who takes care of the feline while his owner is away says he’s become fascinated tracking Archie, but added “It’s like worrying about a teenager on a night out – I know he’s gone out but he’ll never tell me where.”



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