A Fleet Tracking System Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Fleet tracking can seriously improve your company’s bottom line. According to the white paper Greenhouse Gas Management for Medium-Duty Truck Fleets, installing a vehicle routing and  fleet tracking system can significantly help achieve better fuel efficiency.

Companies using a GPS-based fleet tracking system experience lower fuel consumption, equating to reduced fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, improved customer response time, lower fleet emissions and reduced insurance costs, plus increased employee productivity and efficiency.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what Jason Mathers, project manager at the Environmental Defense Fund, recently told Contractor Magazine.  “A GPS routing software is probably most useful for a truck that is out in the field and regularly calls in to find out about its next appointment. A dispatcher can send the trucks to the closest appointments. Also, drivers can use these to cut miles by navigating to their destination directly. A fleet tracking system can be used to track unnecessary idling, and also driving behaviors that increase fuel consumption (i.e. speeding). These can be helpful to any fleet. All are impacted by the human element in the driving equation.”

A fleet tracking system can notify fleet managers when a vehicle needs to be brought in for service and repairs. This equates to proactive vehicle maintenance and the ability to make better decisions regarding future vehicle purchases.

A company can use a fleet tracking system to see how many employees are in the field and how many jobs there are in a specific time frame, and then figure out what is the right balance of resources to work with. Fleet tracking data can be used to decide if you should bring more work into the company, increasing billable hours, how better to use company resources, such as expanding the service area, or to trim back resources.

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