9 Out of 10 Counties with Highest Gas Prices in Continental US All in California

California gas prices are astronomically high, especially when compared to other states in the US.  While Chicago currently has the highest gas prices in the continental US, 9 out 10 of the counties with the highest gas prices can all be found in the state of California.

According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the average price in the US for a gallon of unleaded regular gas is $3.86. Gas prices are expected to continue rising as the turmoil in the Middle East rages on, the dollar continues to weaken (which is bad for US gas prices) and the peak summer driving season approaches.

According to Gas Buddy, Honolulu, HI, has the highest prices in the US, where the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is currently $4.41 per gallon.

Gas prices in Anchorage, AK, are very high, too, but not high enough to make the Top 10 List. In Alaska,  gas prices are averaging $4.13 per gallon.

If you look at this chart, borrowed from the gas price experts – GasBuddy.com, you can see for yourself.


The Top 10 Counties with Highest Gas Prices in the Continental US:

  1. Chicago, IL  – $4.304
  2. Santa Barbara, CA  – $4.269
  3. San Francisco, CA – $4.263
  4. San Jose, CA  – $4.233
  5. Oakland, CA  – $4.220
  6. Los Angeles, CA  – $4.218
  7. Ventura, CA  – $4.212
  8. Orange County, CA  – $4.209
  9. Salinas, CA  – $4.197
  10. San Diego, CA  – $4.197


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