5 Ways Fleet Management Can Save Money and Maximize Efficiency in 2011

By working with customers to maximize fleet efficiency and determine areas for cost savings on their fleet management investments, GE Capital Fleet Services has identified the biggest areas of cost savings for fleet customers during the third quarter 2010, including:

1) Leasing company vehicles vs owning  fleet vehicles.  Leasing a fleet instead of owning a fleet of vehicles for use by employees can save fleet management money.

2) Optimizing replacement strategies. Determining the optimal time to cycle vehicles in fleet, given applicable costs can also save money.

3) Negotiate maintenance savings. Utilizing technology and maintenance expertise is a good way to reduce maintenance costs.

4) Company car programs versus employee/ contractor reimbursement programs.  Using company car programs over mileage reimbursement plans can also save a fleet money.

5) Determining total-cost-of-ownership to evaluate and select the best OEMs and fleet vehicles can also reduce costs.

Using technology such as  GPS fleet tracking and fleet management systems to reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency can also save fleets money.

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