3 Awesome GPS Trackers To Track And Protect Your Bike From Theft


As GPS tracking technology becomes more sophisticated and widespread, more and more people are able to use various GPS tracking devices to track the positions of a lot of things – even pets.   In 2013, bicycles are no exception.

The National Bike Registry estimates that 1.5 million bikes are stolen each year, with the largest amounts of bicycle thefts happening on college campuses.  Here are 3 GPS Tracking devices for bikes that can help you track your bicycle, and ease the process of recovering a stolen bicycle in an unfortunate theft situation.


bike-spikeBikeSpike is a tracking solution for your bike that allows you to broadcast your ride, as well as monitor it’s location in times of theft.  Once you’ve attached the device to your bike, the device becomes a GPS beacon that can alert you in the case that your bike has been tampered with, as well as track your bike’s location on a map.  Additionally, BikeSpike gives you the ability to track and share data about your ride, as well as alert loved ones in case of a crash.

Price:  $129 (Preorder Special)


heliosHelios handlebars, while they can be equipped with GPS, are much more than your average handlebar.  Equip your bicycle with a Helios handlebar, and all of a sudden your bike becomes equipped with features such as an LED headlight, rear LED turn indicators (blinkers), bluetooth, and even GPS.  Helios uses a pay-as-you-go SIM card to enable the low-power GPS module – simply send a text message to your device, and the device will broadcast its current location.  The device even offers turn-by-turn navigation, by flashing an indicator light on either side of the handlebars to alert of an upcoming turn.

Price:  $199



Spybike is a covert GPS tracker for your bike that alerts you in times of theft, and begins tracking if your bike is stolen.  Simply arm the device when you lock your bike, and if your bike begins moving without disarming the device, then Spybike will alert you via text message, and will begin tracking the location of the bike.  The device will sleep when the bike is not moving, and will wake up again if the bike begins to move.

Price:  $154.28

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