Fleet Management Resolutions for 2015

We are officially halfway through the first month of the New Year, and if you haven’t made any resolutions for your business, now is the time. Your fleet vehicles have one job: Deliver a product or service efficiently and safely. To ensure your company meets its goals, focus your business resolutions on  up-to-date on driver training and fleet tracking technology.

Driver Training

The most important thing you can do for your company and your product or service in the coming year is ensure your drivers are well-qualified. Regardless of your insurance coverage or GPS tracking system, ultimately safety and efficiency are in the hands of your driver. Driver training programs are a worthy investment; studies have shown accidents decrease dramatically when properly trained drivers and drivers that receive ongoing training are behind the wheel.

Fleet Tracking

Every fleet, no matter how big or small, needs an excellent GPS fleet tracking system in place. Aside from knowing if a driver has deviated from his or her route, a fleet tracking system can help increase safety and reduce costs. A telematics system can send a text message and locate a fleet vehicle in the event it’s stolen, it can track gas mileage, idling time, and maintenance needs, and monitor driving habits, among tracking other valuable information.

There is no better time to recommit to your company’s success than the start of the New Year.

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